It is easy to acquire trees for granted, but the mild giants in our landscape provide a good deal extra than shade. Creator Douglas Tallamy will guide an on-line occasion this week that will examine the methods in which oak trees give everything from filtering rainwater to offering a great number of species a place to phone household.

Piedmont Master Gardeners and Virginia Cooperative Extension will welcome Tallamy at 7 p.m. Thursday for “The Character of Oaks,” a webinar that will concentrate on the strategies in which native trees assistance guard the ecosystem from runoff and guard biodiversity.

The webinar can take its title from the title of Tallamy’s latest book, and the bestselling author of “Bringing Character Home” and “Nature’s Greatest Hope” will demonstrate why adding some indigenous oak trees to your assets could be a single of the best ways to do some excellent.

Tallamy, a professor in the College of Delaware’s Office of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, will speak about the several approaches in which oak trees assistance Virginia yards and landscapes.

Oaks enjoy host to a lot more than 500 species of moths and butterflies, for one factor. They deliver acorns and leaves that nourish many other creatures, and fallen oak leaves present welcome shelter for still many others.

All those fallen leaves also assist suppress invasive species that can wreak havoc on the ecosystem, such as Japanese stiltgrass, and aid filter rainwater to lower again on polluted runoff, which allows enhance the top quality of groundwater. Then there is the oak’s capacity to shop up big quantities of carbon dioxide.