BATON ROUGE – Police are investigating a series of brazen armed robberies in and around the Garden District that police believe are connected. 

“I basically was on my way home from work, and someone tried to run me off the road. I stopped the car, got out of the car, and four people got out of the car,” one neighbor recalled. 

Another attack was caught on video this week. That footage posted to social media shows a pair of hooded men armed with rifles blindsiding a man as he unloads groceries in his driveway.

The robbers forced the man to the ground, empty his pockets and appeared to punch him before taking off in the victim’s car. 

One neighbor knew something wasn’t right when she noticed something off about the driver. 

“He was wearing a ski mask around his neck, but it was like connected to his neck. I guess it was one that you could pull back easily, and that was one of the things to set me off to think this isn’t right. It’s hot outside and you have a ski mask around your neck that you can pull up easily,” she said. 

Another post on social media said a resident in the area was tailed and then rear-ended by a suspicious vehicle on Cherokee Street last week. After the wreck, the person said three teenagers jumped out of the car and rifled through her vehicle, stealing her purse and keys. 

“I truly believe they were driving around waiting to find someone [to] hit and rob, but who knows,” the victim said in a Facebook post. 

The Baton Rouge Police Department said it’s multiple males, at least three. In each case, the suspects were seen driving what appeared to be a white or a maroon sedan, police said Wednesday.

“We believe there are at least three, young, black males, either late teens or early twenties, that are responsible for these robberies,” explained L’Jean McKneely with the Baton Rouge Police Department. 

No other details about the crimes or the suspects were immediately available.


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