Development is formally nicely underway at our home and it is been really wild guiding the scenes around below. If you comply with alongside on Instagram you may possibly have found my tales about the weekend – eek. For these curious, I assure to share a much more in-depth building update shortly – which features a few interesting, and likely terrifying, surprises. But just before I share the matters we uncovered during demolition, I owe you a really serious design update, which include a kitchen drawing I have been indicating to place collectively to share. As a refresher, this submit details exactly where we have landed as much as our renovation options go. And this publish reveals the kitchen area inspiration slash vibe we’re going for (so superior, imho).

Currently I’ve been getting that drawing is the most straightforward way for me to get my tips out of my head. It also helps me work by way of the details in a far more three dimensional method. It is a thing I have started doing much more with my shopper function, and I comprehensively liked the approach as effectively as the way it communicates the much more intricate particulars of a room. So I believed I’d put collectively a small kitchen area drawing to assist convey our very own kitchen area style and design options.

As pointed out, it’s not my complete desire kitchen (this was our first prepare, if you recall). But mainly because we’re not going to are living in this article for that a lot longer, we made the decision to scale back again by not relocating our again door, and not undertake any considerable plumbing or structural operate. And this proper listed here is exactly where we have landed. And however it is a departure from the original programs (finish with a beautifully oversized island I have experienced goals about) it will be a actually lovely space, stuffed with a ton of attraction and really very but useful moments. Those specifics include things like, but are not restricted to wall panelling, layered lighting, a spectacular farmhouse sink, open up shelving, and a cutie developed-in bench nook. I’m previously daydreaming about all of the deliciousness that will be whipped up in this really location (Christmas cookie decorating social gathering, any one?!)

Alas, listed here you go. I’ve entered the “I’m so excited” section of the job and there is loads much more updates to occur. If you have any concerns at all or there are any particular posts you want to see permit me know. I’m an open guide and satisfied to share any and all of the particulars (including fees, if that is of curiosity, as I know men and women don’t ordinarily chat about that aspect of renovations and it’s form of an critical ingredient).


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