We asked our mates at Lewis Ginter Botanical Yard to highlight a little something intriguing at floor amount. New President and CEO Brian Trader focuses on 1 of his favorites.

The genie is out: Aromatic and showy, the blooms of this shrub resemble bottlebrushes. In April and Could, white flowers are arranged in 1- to 2-inch clusters and show up in thick spikes at the conclude of branches. The male bouquets have yellow anthers.

Seasonal greetings: There is certainly a lot more to fothergilla than its striking spring blooms. Blue-green leaves are on show in summer, adopted by vibrant drop foliage. So the plant packs a punch in the landscape for much of the yr.

Smaller shrub, large impression: Also referred to as dwarf fothergilla, the plant (Fothergilla gardenii) is a lower-developing deciduous shrub. But it still reaches heights of 3 to 5 ft and spreads from 2 to 4 ft.

Sucker punch: Fothergilla gardenii has a tendency to “sucker” – or put out vigorous progress – at its base. When suckers can be undesirable in some plants, this characteristic can make fothergilla suitable for casual hedges.

Most from the coast: Native to the Southeast, fothergilla is located mainly in the Carolinas’ coastal locations in moist bogs and savannahs.