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Summer is the time to enjoy warmer weather, so people spend more time outdoors. However, this season also brings increased mosquito activity. Nobody wants to deal with mosquito bites and itches. However, these pets can leave behind itchy bumps, ruining a good time. Mosquitoes have been known for spreading diseases. In fact, they are responsible for the most fatal epidemics in the world. They spread diseases such as malaria, Zika virus, and yellow fever. This makes it important to take pest control seriously in the summer. 

What Mosquitoes are Attracted To

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. Also, they live and hide in damp ground. They are attracted to carbon dioxide emitted by humans and animals. In addition, they are attracted to certain scents such as air fresheners, floral scents, perfumes, and deodorants. According to studies, mosquitoes are drawn to dark blue and black colors. Thus, they may bite those who wear dark-colored garments or those standing near dark paint colors. 

What Mosquitoes Eat

Primarily, mosquitoes feed on nectar such as juices from fruits and flowers and plant saps like honeydew. This sugar offers mosquitoes the energy they need to sustain themselves and fly. Also, female mosquitoes need blood to develop eggs. They pierce their prey’s skin using their tubelike mouthparts. But the proboscis of male mosquitoes cannot pierce through human skin. 

Why Some People Get Bitten by Mosquitoes More Frequently than Others

A person’s metabolism, blood type, drinking beer, and exercise make them tasty to mosquitoes. These pests draw blood from humans to get proteins. Some studies reveal that mosquitoes prefer some kinds of blood over others. 

In addition, some chemicals in the human skin, sweat, and breath can attract mosquitoes. For instance, mosquitoes may be attracted to people who produce more lactic acid when they exercise. Also, pregnant women get more bites from these pests as they exhale more carbon dioxide. 

How to Treat a Mosquito Infestation

After pest control experts inspect and understand a home and understand where the issue lies, they can start treatment. They will first spray the locations where mosquitoes are staying such as damp ground and bushes. Then the experts will attach the mosquitoes’ nesting ground. They check up to ensure the issue has disappeared. And they use effective treatments to ensure the mosquitoes are completely eliminated from and around your house. Aside from eliminating the pests, they also take steps to prevent mosquitoes from returning. 

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