Nearly 400,000 daffodils are ready to put on a show at Lauritzen Gardens.

OMAHA — Nearly 400,000 daffodils are beginning to put on a show at Lauritzen Gardens.

Executive director John Newman can’t imagine a more wonderful way to usher in spring.

“You just say, ‘Wow, spring is here and it is here big-time,’’’ Newman said of the display, which stretches the length of 2.25 football fields and up to 75 feet wide.

Stands of the flowers, in yellow, white and orange, are blooming from the front gate to the Founders’ Garden. Peak viewing is expected over the next few weeks.

Staff at the garden have planted 152,000 bulbs over the past three years. Unlike tulip bulbs, which last only a few years, daffodils continue to multiply.

“It just gets increasingly exciting,’’ Newman said.

The daffodil walk is part of the Omaha botanical center’s goal to establish a million daffodil blooms in the garden each spring.

Contributions from the community made plantings happen in fall 2018, 2019 and 2020, and the garden is seeking contributions to continue the project’s growth and plant another 50,000 daffodil bulbs this fall.

A gift of $5 to the garden’s “A Million Daffodils” campaign underwrites one bulb. Contributions may be placed in the dedicated box in the garden’s lobby, mailed to the garden’s development department, or made online at