Jeff Brown is an angel investor who has made himself rich in investing in technology stocks. He discusses at length the various factors which make a stock such an excellent investment. One of these factors is his belief in social media. He has done countless videos and audio podcasts on his views on social media, social networking, and his thoughts on technology.

Near Future Report

The #1 Tech Stock to 2021 is an audio presentation by a renowned and current investor, Jeff Brown Investor. In this audio presentation, he explains his newsletter subscription service, known as the Near Future Report, which is geared toward providing investors with investment ideas in the tech and financial investment arenas. In addition, the second stock which he is advising and reviewing in his web video is a biotechnology firm that creates semiconductor chips for the high-end digital camera market. As with the first stock which he advised, this one too is expected to be a high-performing stock through its high price per share as the technology it develops becomes more mainstream.

Successful financial investment firms

An interesting side note about Jeff Brown is that he did not become an angel investor until he was 27 years old. During the early years of his career at Xerox, he almost single-handedly invented the laser printer. He went on to found MetaTrader, one of the largest and most successful financial investment firms of its time, and later went on to found the Openwave Communications company, which provides trading services for the forex market. He is well worth following if you want to know how the tech industry is faring after two decades of high prices and strong profitability.

Investments in penny stocks and large-cap stocks

Another thing you may find interesting about Jeff Brown is that his investments in penny stocks and large-cap stocks have always proved a good return for him. This is especially true since the late ’90s when tech stocks began their rapid run-up. One of the reasons why Jeff’s investing style works so well is because of the high degree of sector breadth he is investing in. A large portion of his portfolio comprises companies in the technology and biotechnology industries, both of which are quite broad and thus provide diversification from other stocks which might prove less successful.

Investing Techniques

As an investor, one of the best things you can do is to ensure your portfolio includes stock picks that are not tied to any particular company or industry. By doing this, you eliminate the possibility of investors being misled by news or rumors regarding particular companies which could cause their stocks to perform against expectations. The bonus reports Jeff Brown issues occasionally are also great tools for evaluating stocks, as his research is top-notch. The bonus reports are where many of his investing techniques come from, having as much as a third of his overall portfolio composed of stocks that come from his research.

Most angel investors and venture capitalists will tell you that you must be willing to share your risk with them. Jeff Brown does not do that, at least not on the scale of most angel investors. One of the reasons he does not do this is because he feels that most people would be unwilling or even incapable of being his honest broker. He has also been known to give away quite a bit of stock to some of his more highly-regarded clients, though whether they acted on the information given to them remains subject to debate. Either way, Jeff Brown is an honest and aggressive stock market investor who values honesty and commitment above all else.