Residence AND Back garden Office AWARDS

From Addison County Truthful and Field Times, 2021


King Arthur Award 1st – Cheryl Cesario of Cornwall 2nd – Perry Lessing of Weybridge 3rd – Barb James of Bristol.

King Arthur Award – Youth – Grace Tolles of New Haven.

Dairy Prize Grownup – Cindy Peet of Cornwall Youth – Isaac Haskell of Marstons Mills, MA.

Adorned Cake: Adult – Nancy Pecca of Waltham Youth – Isaac Haskell of Marstons Mills, MA.

Apple Prize: Grownup – Alice Munson of Weybridge Youth – Isaac Haskell of Marstons Mills, MA.

Honey Baked Products – Perry Lessing of Weybridge.

Canning Award: Grownup – Barb James of Bristol Youth – Grace Tolles of New Haven.

Grace Weber Youth Award – Cate Giuliani of Middlebury.

Cake Prize: Grownup – Cheryl Cesario of Cornwall Youth – Charlie Flynn of Weybridge.

Yeast Prize – Cheryl Cesario of Cornwall.

Major Baking Award – Lauren Laberge of New Haven.

Superintendent Prize – Debra Taylor of New Haven.

Baker’s Decision – Cindy Peet of Cornwall.

Art AND Photography:

Best entry in Art – Courtney Allenson of New Haven.

Finest Colour Rendering: Grownup – Mary Lou Miller of Weybridge 4-12 – Saebryn Carter of Bristol 13-18 – Katherine Moran of Starksboro.

Most effective B&W Rendering: Adult – Mike Fidalgo of Panton 13-18 – Vivien Sorce of Hinesburg.

Ideal Entry in People Art: Grownup – Mary Lord of Brandon Youth – Anaya Thomas of Burlington, NC.

Superintendents Award in Art – Mabelle Fidalgo of Panton.

People’s Option Art – Susan Gingras of Weybridge.

Picture Challenge – Heather Morse of Charlotte.

Very best Image: Grownup – Dottie Nelson of Middlebury Youth 4-12 – Ben Gordon of Hinesburg Youth 13-18 – Ben Munkeres of Cornwall.

People’s Preference Photograph – Ben Munkeres of Cornwall


Most superb show by youth 18 and below – Normandie Cesario of Cornwall.

Very best entree by youth 4-8 – Thomas Armell of Charlotte.

Most Special design by grownup – Shannan Coulter of Addison.

Most exceptional adult entry – Mary Howard of Bristol.

Most outstanding plant entry – Kelley Taylor of Middlebury.

Most remarkable exhibitor – Lynne Rapoport of Vergennes.

Backyard garden Division

Leading Gardener – Carol Krawcsyk of Bridport.

Excellent Youth Gardener – Krystian Rzecycki of Orwell.


Ervin Henecke award from Twist O’ Wool guild– most fantastic normal fiber entry in knitting and crochet – Kristina MacKulin.

Patricia Henecke award from Twist O’ Wool guild – most remarkable socks – Johanna Vaczy.

Deb Kinder McClay award– an exceptional crochet or knit little one product demonstrating artistic use of coloration and layout – Nancy Pecca.

Hermit Thrush Fiber Co. award – prime youth winner in knitting and crochet – Grace Tolles.

Twist O’ Wool guild awards: most fantastic item made from handspun yarn – Marlene Duell most fantastic felted item- Normandie Cesario Eleanor Boucher Memorial award for most superb woven write-up – Grace Tolles.

Middlebury Sew ‘n’ Vac awards: most effective sewn garment – Barbara Foote-Hennessy most fantastic garment sewn by youth – Rachel Foster.

Quilters’ Corner at Middlebury Sew ‘n’ Vac awards: most excellent quilt – Jeanette Van Bueren most fantastic quilt quilted by a specialist on a industrial device – Rachel Foster most exceptional quilted merchandise – Jeanette Van Bueren most exceptional quilt by youth – Rachel Foster.

Rae Dwight awards: most superb entry in embroidery – Alice Munson most superb embroidery by youth – Payden Garthaffner.

Rose Ann Farese award – revolutionary modern stitching – Debbie Kirby.

Bethany Barry award – outstandingly imaginative beadwork – Susan Gingras.

Oxford Rug Hooking College award – most remarkable entry in hooking – Nancy Lee Ross.

Jack Brown awards for remarkable woodwork – Mike Denis and Edward Malzac.

Jack Brown award – excellent woodwork by youth– Isaac Haskell.

Golden Years award– excellent handicraft by an exhibitor more than 80-decades-aged – Edward Malzac.

Jerry and Cheryl Connor award – most remarkable handicraft by youth – Rachel Foster.

Grand prize in handicrafts – Jeanette Van Bueren.


LEONA THOMPSON BOWL – Geralyn McBride of New Haven.

FRANCES MONROE YOUTH AWARD – Grace Tolles of New Haven.