With all the tomato types out there, selecting which types to plant can be fun yet bewildering. Alabama Extension has conducted numerous tomato courses in excess of the decades and involved a tomato taste check as section of the software. Picking which wide range can be mind-boggling, but a few new cultivars may perhaps be well worth a test.

Tomato progress pattern

Tomatoes are classified into two groups dependent on their advancement behavior: determinate and indeterminate. A determinate plant will increase until finally a sure level, and the terminal buds will produce flowers rather of more vegetative development. Determinates will create fruit and then cease generating immediately after a several months. They can create some fruit later on in the period, but not as considerably as the indeterminate crops. For this motive, several determinate plant growers will plant tomatoes later in the year if they are on the lookout for a later on crop. The indeterminate vegetation could be much more of a obstacle to stake but will generate fruit all period if condition problems are managed adequately.

Tomato acidity

Numerous individuals will refer to tomatoes as remaining significant acid or minimal acid, but most tomato kinds have reasonably the identical acidity. It is basically the sugar content that may differ with unique tomatoes. Hence, a “high acid” tasting tomato would actually be a small sugar articles tomato. A “low acid” tasting tomato would have a bigger amount of sugar. As a normal rule, the high sugar written content tomatoes are commonly not purple in coloration. Relatively they are orange, yellow, purple, and so on.

Fruiting determined by temperatures

Sizzling summer time temperatures can impact fruit established for tomato vegetation. Not only are superior daytime temperatures a difficulty, but significant nighttime temperatures can result in a reduction in fruit established.

Fortunately, heat established tomatoes will set fruit at increased temperatures. Warmth set tomato versions include things like Bella Rosa, Florida 91, Phoenix, Redline, Solar Fire, and Solar Leaper.


When selecting which tomato to expand, disease resistance is an important element. No tomato is resistant to all disorders. You will have to decide on resistant types centered on the most problematic ailments in your yard. It is really typical to discover tomatoes resistant to Fusarium Wilt (race 1, 2 and 3), Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematodes, and various resistant to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. Nonetheless, it is also doable to locate a couple tomato cultivars resistant to Early Blight, Late Blight, Grey Leaf Place, Tomato Mosaic Virus, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Bacterial Speck, Bacterial Wilt, and a couple of other disorders. Yet again, you will not discover a tomato resistant to all of these illnesses. 

However, you can obtain tomatoes resistant to a single or additional of these ailments.

Consider the use 

of the tomato

There are a number of various takes advantage of of the tomato to take into account prior to planting. If you are preparing on canning tomatoes, the paste type (Roma variety) tomatoes are an choice.

Preferred paste tomatoes include:

• Granadero

• Mariana

• Plum Crimson

• Plum Regal

• Pony Specific

Slicing tomatoes, grape, and cherry sort tomatoes are out there and are favorites among the producers. Proposed slicing tomatoes with superior ailment resistance incorporate:

• Amelia

• Bella Rosa

• Crista

• Mountain Gem

• Mountain Magic

• Mountain Advantage

• Purple Bount

• Crimson Defender

Even so, there are 1000’s of other slicing tomatoes obtainable.

Cherry sorts are:

• Matt’s Wild Cherry

• Mountain Belle

• Sunshine Gold

• Sunlight Sugar

• Tremendous Sweet 100

Lastly, proposed grape sorts with great disorder resistance incorporate:

• BHN 410

• Mountain Honey

Planting site

Numerous farmers develop tomatoes in high tunnels and greenhouses. There are suggested tomato cultivars for significant tunnel generation and tomatoes for greenhouse manufacturing as nicely. If you want to attempt some of the tomato cultivars and are battling to locate them at back garden centers, planting seeds could be the best option.

It is not much too late to plant tomato seeds for the 2021 year.

Much more information and facts

For additional help or to ask issues, check out www.aces.edu or contact 256-232-5510.


— Posted by Chip East.