A 51-yr-old physically-challenged man’s prayer request for renovation of his property was lastly answered.&#13

A 51-year-aged bodily-challenged man’s prayer request for renovation of his residence was lastly answered.

This was soon after the Labasa Veteran Soccer Club which was fashioned very last month frequented Jiten Prasad last Sunday.

After his parents’ loss of life, Mr Prasad begged on the streets of Labasa City for a lot more than two a long time for survival.


In 2018 the Division of Social Welfare stepped forward to assist him with incapacity allowance.

“Since I have been residing by itself in this donated piece of land and house, unable to walk and help you save funds, I couldn’t renovate and establish a toilet and toilet,” Mr Prasad said.

“Whatever very little education I gained from my mom and dad and two siblings is what I use every day to survive.”


The eldest of three siblings born with physical incapacity since beginning lives in a one open up area dwelling the place he cooks foodstuff and sleeps.

Labasa Veteran Football Club member Sandeep Kumar said this was their first community undertaking which was identified by previous Labasa player Semesa Vilisi.

“We frequented Mr Prasad and right away carried out renovation and later on will create a rest room and rest room,” Mr Kumar reported



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