April Littmann, the founder and principal interior designer of Neighbor Interiors in Southlake, gives some ideas about design and style for Group Effect Newspaper’s Real Estate Version in July.

What are some of the recent trends in interior style?

We are observing a resurgence of saturated colors, which has been a refreshing improve from the current development of neutral interiors. Also, a ton of organic and natural, flowing styles, these types of as curved furnishings, circular shaped pieces, and exclusive forms are getting to be popular.

What is your leading suggestion for another person hunting to produce or redesign their home business office?

Target on your features requirements 1st, and then take into thought how a great deal organic gentle your office gets throughout the day. Light-weight plays these an crucial element to good structure and will increase productivity.

What are some structure improvements you have found this year?

We have observed a shift toward mixing finishes, supplies and furnishings that aren’t all a best match. We have noticed this a lot on exterior household picks. This solution to style produces interest and levels, which we love.

April Littmann, founder and interior designer of Neighbor Interiors, 325 Miron Drive, Ste. 110, Southlake. 832-743-5696. www.neighborinteriors.com

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