All across Alabama, the jap bluebird’s putting coloration and relaxing simply call make it a pleasant visitor to backyards through just about every season.

“Bluebirds are viewed as harbingers of spring, and their willingness to nest in open up, human modified habitats can make them well-liked among birder and non-birders alike,” Alabama Extension agent Lynn Dickinson mentioned.

To keep the bluebirds viewing this spring, protecting healthy, open up habitats is the to start with stage.

Pinpointing eastern bluebirds

In get to get ready proper habitats for these birds, it is essential to know how identify them.

Male japanese bluebird

All round, it is frequently challenging to overlook the dazzling blue coloration of the adult male’s physique. In contrast to the dazzling blue exterior, the decreased physique is a yellowish-brown colour. The tummy is a stark white shade, when the breast is normally a rust red.

The male has a relatively straight bill that is broader than it is deep at the foundation. As opposed to its somewhat substantial head and limited neck, the male has a extensive tail comprised of 12 wide, rounded feathers.

Feminine japanese bluebird

The typical make of the grownup woman is very similar to the male, despite the fact that the female’s colors are not as vivid.

Open habitats

Jap bluebirds are social, family members-oriented birds. Their habitats need to emulate these attributes as perfectly. Bluebirds want an open habitat about a forested or dense bushy space.

Sustain open habitat disorders

Former open up habitats that have been without having administration for a number of decades can immediately grow to be unsuitable for bluebirds. As quickly as any woody vegetation invades the internet site, it will develop into unfit for the birds.

Administration for open spaces consists of mowing grassy fields to stop new woody expansion.

“All vegetation administration activities must be carried out late in the escalating period to lessen the disturbance to bluebirds and other wildlife species utilizing open habitats,” Dickinson reported.

Offering perches in open habitats

Whilst bluebirds do like open up areas, they want perches to hunt and display screen from. Purely natural perches are ample along the edges of significant open up areas like obvious-cuts, pastures and fields. However, the interiors of these open areas normally deficiency perches.

“Adding perch web-sites to open habitats with several current perches can improve habitat high-quality,” Dickinson said. “Installing backyard stakes, fence posts or tree limbs stuck into the ground make beneficial artificial perches to an open area.”

Nest bins

Straightforward to make nonetheless immensely precious, creating bluebird nest boxes is an satisfying action for men and women of all ages. These nest containers increase the availability of appropriate nest web-sites as very well as slash down on the competition to discover a suitable nesting place.

To hold the birdwatching continuous this spring, get ready and keep the ideal habitat for jap bluebirds. For additional help or to talk to concerns, pay a visit to or connect with 256-232-5510.

— Posted by Mary Leigh Oliver