(BPT) – Getting a new pet is like bringing residence a new member of the household. Anticipation, pleasure and joy are just a couple of the many feelings you may possibly feel when you convey home a new dog or kitten. The very first calendar year of a dog and kitten’s lifestyle is a busy developmental period, both physically and mentally. There is development, behavioral and dietary milestones to count on and approach for. Despite the fact that it feels superb to welcome your new companion dwelling, you will likely have different inquiries and problems, specially about the dietary wants of your rising pet.

Purina veterinarian Dr. Callie Harris, D.V.M., and Purina senior pet behavior specialist, Dr. Annie Valuska, Ph.D., provide their guidelines and experience for how you can enable established the basis for a wholesome long run.

Early nutritional insight

By months six to eight, your kitten or pet need to get all their nutritional specifications from food items. To make sure your new addition receives the desired every day diet for their age, select pet food stuff specially for puppies or kittens. This variation of pet food has a different nutrient profile especially crafted to assist advancement compared to adult pet food.

In accordance to Purina pet nutritionists, it is crucial to make guaranteed you feed your puppy or kitten foods that is balanced with important vitamins, these as:

  • DHA – An omega fatty acid to support help mind and vision growth
  • Anti-oxidants – Assist assistance creating immune units
  • Calcium and phosphorus – Assists assist teeth and bones
  • Protein – Large-high quality protein can help assist developing muscle mass

Most pet dogs and cats are viewed as puppies and kittens until eventually they arrive at 12 months of age, so really don’t switch to grownup foods way too early. For canine, smaller-breed dogs will physically create speedier than substantial breeds. Breeds that weigh 50 lbs . or far more can choose up to 18 months to arrive at maturity and ought to consume a huge-breed puppy foods. Be absolutely sure to often speak to your vet if you have inquiries.

“Factoring in your puppy’s breed sizing is crucial to take into consideration when picking out a puppy dog food stuff,” claimed Harris. “Large breed puppies have a greater risk of acquiring joint complications as grownups. Feeding them a significant breed-precise pup food stuff can help assist joint wellness and mobility into adulthood. Tiny breed puppies have more compact mouths, so they may possibly want the smaller kibble identified in compact-breed certain puppy formulation.”

Contrary to puppies, breed isn’t a element when deciding upon kitten foods. On the other hand, Purina nutritionists suggest feeding kittens a mixture of soaked and dry foods.

“In feeding your kitten a different diet plan of soaked and dry food, you are aiding them build their palate,” reported Harris. “The more variety in your kitten’s diet plan, the more adaptable they will turn into to diet regime changes as they age.”

Developing a feeding schedule


Ordinarily, for the initially six months, you need to give your pup their every day caloric necessity split into 3 equivalent-sized foods. Set up a feeding program by feeding them the exact same total of food items at the same instances every single working day. Accomplishing this will help preserve their digestive procedure regular, which can make housetraining much easier.


Maintaining in mind their day-to-day calorie needs, it is significant to establish a wholesome feeding plan for your kitten. Cats are creatures of practice, so be confident to feed your kitten at the same time and put every single working day. Come to a decision early on no matter whether you prepare to feed your kitten when, 2 times or 3 occasions a day and adhere to the routine for regularity.

Preventative care and socializing

Outside of dietary requires, it is crucial to make sure your dog and kitten receive their main vaccines, deworming in opposition to prevalent parasites, and begin receiving preventative treatment through their first year.

In addition to preventative treatment, socialization is an integral section of development for your pet. To make positive your puppy dog or kitten is relaxed all around other individuals and animals, socialization must begin early.

“After obtaining their main vaccines and preventative treatment, your pup or kitten must be properly uncovered to a lot of people today, sites and experiences to assistance their behavioral growth,” stated Valuska. “Early socialization can enable your pet increase into a confident, perfectly-mannered adult.”

With the ideal information and facts, nutrition and care, you can enable set the basis for a healthy long term for your pet. For far more facts on Purina’s proposed pet and kitten formulas, typical strategies and additional, check out Purina.com/Healthy-Commence.



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