Garage Motor Not Working? Here Are Some Reasons Why

You’re probably one of the many homeowners who often ask why your garage door motor is not working correctly. 

When you deal with the problem with your garage door motor, don’t panic. Remember that you are using your garage door many times a year. Hence, it’s not surprising when the garage door malfunctions. 

For this reason, we will go through different reasons why your garage door motor is not working and when to call a garage door repair in Scarborough and Kanata. 

Dead or Expired Batteries

The only way to access the garage door motor to make the door move is to trigger the remote control. But when you press the remote, and the motor did not respond, the batteries might be dead. 

Luckily, this problem is easy to solve. Replace your dead batteries with new ones. Make sure to buy a high-quality battery to last long. 

Disconnected Power

There’s another reason why your garage door motor is not working – it is disconnected from the power source. 

Most homeowners tend to forget they disconnected the garage door motor. Connect it back, and test if the motor starts working again. 

However, there are times that the problem might be a faulty outlet. Try plugging any electric device into the outlet. 

If the device did not work, then connect the garage door motor to a different outlet.

Stripped Gear

If you hear a humming sound from the garage door, the gear motor might be stripped from the opener. In this case, you need to replace it. Besides, damaged gear means you need to buy a new opener. 

Hire a professional to help you choose the correct opener motor and for the replacement procedure. 

Limit Setting is not Adjusted Properly

When you find your garage door immediately reverses after it’s supposed to close, the culprit might be the open and close limit settings of the opener. 

The limit setting tells the opener how the garage door should move before it closes. If the settings are adjusted too high, the garage door will touch the floor, allowing the opener to assume that the door has hit something. By then, the door automatically reverses to an open position.  

Make sure to refer to the opener’s user manual to adjust the limit setting. You can also ask for help from a garage door repair in Edmonton to assist you.

Out of Alignment Sensors

Another reason why you think that the garage door motor is not working is due to the misalignment of sensors. 

When you notice your garage door reverses to an open position before it fully closes, the garage door sensor thinks that there is an obstruction in the way. 

When the sensors’ light beam is obstructed, it might prompt the door to stay in the open position. 

But if you didn’t see any objects and the garage door behaves this way, you need to check the sensors’ condition, whether it’s aligned or dirty. 

For dirty sensors, wipe the dirt with a clean rag. Then check if the sensors are working again. If it doesn’t, the problem might be misalignment.

When dealing with misaligned sensors, it’s best to leave the task to the professionals. Besides, you might not realign the sensors correctly, especially if you’re not adept in handyman skills. 

When in Doubt, Hire a Pro

A malfunctioning garage door motor happens for many reasons, such as dead batteries, sensor issues, lack of setting adjustment, stripped gear, and disconnected power. 

Another reason is a dead transmitter, in which you need to check the problem with a professional. 

Now that you know some reasons why the motor is not working, I hope this helps you address the problem. 

But if you don’t want to handle the repairs by yourself, you can ask help from a professional to help you fix the motor for good.