Garage Door Won’t Open? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Many factors lead to a garage door that won’t stay open. If this is the problem you’ve encountered with your garage door, don’t panic. There are ways you can deal with the problem by yourself or with the help of a professional. 

Hence, here are some reasons why your garage door won’t open. Keep reading to know how to fix the problem. 

Off Circuit Breaker

An electrical surge that happens due to bad weather can lead to a tripped breaker. If the breaker trips, it can accidentally turn off. 

Check your home’s circuit breaker if it is not in the “ON” position. If so, turn off the breaker switch, then turn it on again. Then, test the garage door opener if your garage door will open. 

Disengaged Trolley Opener

If you’re curious what trolley is, it moves along the opener’s chain when the overhead door opens or closes. 

 It is attached to the top portion of the garage door by a metal bar. All garage door openers have a trolley mechanism with a switch. When a trolley is disengaged, it means you have to open the garage door manually. 

If you accidentally disengaged it, then you need to reconnect it. Read the manual on how to reconnect successfully. Then, test the garage door if it will open. 

Remote Needs a Reprogram

Test if you can access your garage door with a remote. If you cannot, then the problem is the remote. 

Reprogram the remote if you find it hard to access your garage door. You may need a user manual to do it, or you can ask for help from a garage door repair in Pittsburgh.  

Opener Needs Adjustments

Every garage door opener is programmed with a specific force required to open the garage door. 

When your garage door opener is five years and older, there is a need to adjust the force to compensate for the poor performance from damaged or worn-out parts. 

If you have an older opener model, you need to adjust the force by turning the nut located on the opener. Manipulate the pulling force until it increases to full potential. In this way, it will be easy for the opener to open the garage door.

You can also adjust the pulling force automatically for newer models. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to do it. 

Broken Torsion Spring

The springs carry almost all of the weight of your garage door. They store tension that is released when you open the garage door. 

Moreover, the tension spring mechanism works this way: when you close the garage door, it winds up tightly. The tightness or tension is then released when you open the garage door. 

Because of how springs are under tension all the time, it can wear out and break. Hence, it will be difficult for the opener to carry the garage door.

The best way to open your garage door once again is to replace the springs. Reach out to a professional to replace the springs for you. 

Off-Track Garage Door

When the rollers come off on either side of the tracks, it will be difficult for the opener to lift the garage door. 

This usually happens when a heavy object gets stuck on the track, which causes the rollers to slip out. 

Still, you can adjust the tracks back to their original state. First, disconnect the opener. Then use a mallet to loosen the bracket near the tracks. Keep tapping the brackets until the garage door is back to its original position. 

However, if you’re not adept at doing this job, you can ask a professional to adjust the tracks for you. 


Once the garage door struggles to open, it’s essential to address the problem to avoid cascading into bigger ones. 

When the issues become more prominent, you might need a garage door installation in Ottawa since repairs won’t work anymore. 

To prevent major issues from happening, follow the recommended steps above. Or, you can ask help from a professional to fix the opening issues with your garage door.