Joanna and Chip Gaines have viewed plenty of household developments occur and go, however in the most recent episode of their new exhibit “Fixer Higher: Welcome Property,” they emphasize a single certain upgrade that, in the terms of Chip, is downright “controversial.”

In the episode “Planting Roots in Waco,” Chip and Jo are aiming to rework the household of just one of their staff, John, who moved from New York Metropolis to Waco, TX, in get to function with this renowned couple. Now, he is resolved to settle down and purchased a Texas home, for which he has a $75,000 renovation budget.

The difficulty: John requests some questionable design and style variations that Chip and Jo are not positive they must do. Read on to obtain out what well-liked development presents them pause, and why.

Never paint your outdated brick

Before: Surprisingly, John wanted to change the color of this brick.
Ahead of: Remarkably, John required to transform the shade of this brick.


When Chip and Joanna 1st see John’s new household, they’re impressed. The household is in great condition, and the exterior now seems stunning!

Nonetheless, John wants to alter the home’s glance by painting the old brick white.

Proper away, Chip and Jo are hesitant. They don’t want to paint the residence since they know the fashionable glance will consider away from the home’s typical charm.

“When you paint brick, it’s a bit of a controversial point,” Chip says.

Nevertheless, they concur to paint the brick—at to start with. They later on power-wash the brick and, after they see just how stunning it is, they know they can’t paint the dwelling.

After: This antique brick was simply too pretty to paint.
After: This antique brick was simply far too pretty to paint.


“This antique brick, like, folks pay a whole lot of cash to get this interesting, old brick,” Chip claims. “It would be a disservice to this brick to paint it when it is this neat-seeking.”

So Chip and Joanna make your mind up to skip painting the dwelling. The selection saves them $5,000 and saves this property from a terrible layout shift.

In the conclusion, John enjoys the look just as considerably as Chip and Jo do. The purely natural brick seems to be unbelievable, especially with the new dim trim. It is really fortunate that the Gaineses stand their floor!

Protect exterior imperfections with cleverly placed lattice work

Before: Chip and Joanna Gaines try to match this original brick, but they can't do it.
In advance of: Chip and Joanna Gaines check out to match this initial brick, but they can’t do it.


It is crystal clear that Chip and Jo make the suitable decision when they decide on to leave the brick alone, but the changed prepare does current a problem. The dwelling renovation consists of removing two windows, and whilst Chip tries to match the first brick, he isn’t capable to locate a ideal match.

Now, there are two patches of mismatched brick on the aspect of the household, ruining the glance.

After: Chip installs some lattice, covering up the off-colored brick.
Soon after: Chip installs some lattice, masking up the off-coloured brick.


Luckily for us, Chip and Jo occur up with an concept to include these two patches with lattice get the job done and ivy. Not only do they cover the discolored brick, but they also incorporate some charming greenery to the aspect of the household.

“Obviously the ivy will get a little time to increase up and mature, but I suggest, when you see this, it appears to be like a million bucks,” Chip says.

Are not able to remove a wall? Open up up the place with interior windows

John was hesitant to bust down this wall and create an open concept.
John was hesitant to bust down this wall and build an open up thought.


Within John’s new property, Joanna would like to know how this new home-owner envisions the place. Does he want a completely open thought? Or would he favor some space separation in between the office environment and the rest of the home?

It looks he has not completely manufactured up his intellect, so Joanna will take a danger to give him a small little bit of each.

“For your office, I would want to do one thing architectural listed here, in which it is a wall, but it is a see-by means of wall,” Joanna suggests.

With a window built into this wall, John gets the best of both worlds.
With a window crafted into this wall, John gets the greatest of equally worlds.


The crew installs massive glass windows that open up up the room concerning the office and the dwelling space. It will make the dwelling feel even larger and offers the room wonderful sightlines, but nonetheless manages to give John a private workplace.

In the end, the window appears to be amazing. It is beautifully fashionable and beautifully practical.

An up to date fireplace does not need to have to be ultramodern

This fireplace was dated and needed a creative update.
This hearth was dated and needed a creative update.


In the dwelling space, Chip and Joanna want to update the fireplace.

Whilst the brick on the home’s exterior is far too important to change, this renovating couple really don’t have the exact considerations about this rounded fireplace. They know it can be time for a improve.

When Chip and Joanna to start with tour the residence, Joanna shares her ideas: “Maybe sq. off the traces and increase a new fireplace and then build an accent wall to the place it is all type of the exact same.”

While she would like to make a good deal of improvements, the real model of hearth wouldn’t transform too considerably. It will still be brick, and will nonetheless glance traditional—only now it just will not appear so dated.

With a flat fireplace face, this room looks more modern.
With a flat fireplace face, this space appears extra contemporary.


John agrees to Joanna’s thoughts, and the group will get to perform fixing up the fire.

When John last but not least will get to see his concluded home, he’s impressed with the living home. The now squared-off fireplace increases the space, giving it a more modern day vibe (without seeming out of place) and even offering a hassle-free house for a Television set!

It just reveals that a hearth can be up-to-date, whilst still keeping a traditional glance.

Terra-cotta tile may well be the hot new pattern

This terra-cotta tile pays off!
This terra-cotta tile pays off!


With a beautiful residing space, Chip and Joanna target on the grasp suite, turning an outdated closet into a breathtaking lavatory.

Joanna desires to give this rest room a darkish, moody seem, so she decides to use black subway tile in the shower and behind the vainness. Even so, at the past minute, she decides to use a far more costly black terra-cotta tile.

Chip insists that black terra cotta is a waste of funds, because it has essentially the exact look as the less expensive subway tile. Having said that, Joanna states that the seem actually is various, even although it’s delicate.

“What you see in terra cotta that you really do not see in subway is a delicate movement,” Joanna says. “There is a texture big difference. There is a finish variance.”

When the lavatory is performed, John instantly notices the up grade. The terra-cotta tile would make for a delicate transform, but for Joanna and John, it can be a big change.

This terra-cota tile has a subtle texture.
This terra-cota tile has a refined texture.