Although you should welcome some bugs to your gardens, there are other pests that are fewer welcome.

Amid those are the scourge of the summer time months, the mosquito.

What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes bring about the most deaths of any other animal taxonomy for each year, killing far more than 700,000 individuals on a yearly basis. Mosquitoes feed on the blood of host animals, which include people, and transfer pathogens from host to host.

Illnesses these kinds of as malaria, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever and other folks are unfold from mosquito bites. In human beings, mosquitoes appear to favor people today with form O blood, significant breathers and pregnant women.

Most mosquitoes feed all through dawn or dusk and rest through the heat of the working day.

Repelling mosquitoes

There are a host of mosquito repellents on the sector. Candles, bracelets, sprays, zappers, they all do the job, usually with some chemical help. But there is also a normal way to go.

A lot of crops will aid keep mosquitoes from invading your house. Here’s a record of plants with mosquito-repellent homes to help hold your backyard pest-no cost this summertime.

• Lavender and marigolds. These flowering crops emit a odor that deters mosquitoes. You can expand each of these in pots and they give you stunning blooms to boot.

• Citronella. You may well be familiar with the citronella candles, but those people things get their unique smell from the citronella plant. It and other lemon-scented crops repel mosquitoes.

• Rosemary, basil and sage. These kitchen area herbs also hold mosquitoes and other pests absent from your household. Both do effectively in containers or in the ground.

• Bee balm. This pollinator-welcoming plant also keeps mosquitoes absent. Crush the leaves to release the repellent oils.

• Allium. These bulbs are the family that provides you garlic and onions. They release a robust smell that mosquitoes really don’t like.

What else can you do?

Though producing the environment inhospitable to mosquitoes is a wonderful way to preserve them absent, you also need to make positive you are not carrying out them any favors. Eradicate standing h2o as substantially as possible and handle swimming pools and ponds to retain mosquitoes from laying their eggs there.