In recognition of the outstanding architectural designs found around town, the Danville Town Council is hosting a special meeting on Tuesday to honor the recipients of its 2020 Design Awards.

Town officials will honor winners in three categories on Tuesday, recognizing local buildings for Outstanding Residential Subdivision Home Design, Outstanding Heritage Resource Design and Outstanding Commercial Design.

Winners were selected by the Design Awards Committee, which is made up of Design Review Board members Mark Belotz, Robert Combs, Afshan Hamid, Lou Palandrani, Chris Trujillo and Kevin Wong.

For Outstanding Residential Subdivision Home Design, town officials will honor the homes located on 82, 83 and 88 Whispering Creek Lane, southeast of downtown Danville.

Owned by Nicolas Brousse, Julie Lee (82 Whispering Creek Lane), Kathleen O’Toole, Matthew Miszewski (83 Whispering Creek Lane) and Sandra Ann Morris (88 Whispering Creek Lane), the homes were developed by The Address Company based off of designs by architecture firm Mark Gross & Associates.

Two homes won the award for Outstanding Heritage Resource Design, with the Austin Root House and James Root House taking home top honors.

Located at 120 West Linda Mesa smack dab in the middle of downtown Danville, the Austin Root House is owned by Linda Mesa Properties LLC and John Mederos. It was built by Murphy Generation Builders Inc. and designed by William Wood Architects.

Also located downtown on 90 Railroad Ave., the James Root House is owned by Craig Chase, was built by R&J Construction and designed by ORR Design Office.

In recognition of its architectural contribution to the town, Mexican street food and family restaurant Cocina Hermanas, 501 Hartz Ave., has been selected for Outstanding Commercial Design. Owned by 501 Hartz Group LLC and Darren Matt, the Cocina Hermanas building was built by Soria Construction and designed by ArcFlux Studio.

After honoring 2020’s Design Award winners, the town council will also listen to a special presentation introducing the town’s new Deputy Chief Operations/EMS Jim Selover, as well as its new Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Ron Marley.

The Danville Town Council’s special meeting is scheduled to be held at 5 p.m. on Tuesday on video teleconferencing application Zoom, which can be accessed using Webinar ID 839 1405 3751.

Residents can have public comments read into the record by contacting the city clerk at 925-314-3307 or [email protected] prior to 4 p.m. on Tuesday.