Skylights have been a preferred preference for owners for decades. Accomplished thoroughly, skylights search great and are an exceptional source of all-natural sunlight, which can lead to decrease electricity fees. Nevertheless, if there is the smallest slip-up in measurements or installation and you could working with leaks. To prevent leaks, skylight set up is a house advancement venture ideal left to the professionals.

Getting common with all areas of your roof, together with skylights, a roof contractor is a excellent alternative to set up your skylights suitable the first time!

Skylights are NOT Leaky By Character

Skylight’s are not supposed to leak, they’re made to be mounted on your roof and so are constructed to withstand the components. Most challenges with skylights nearly often originate with a error in set up or owing to many years of neglect.

Roof Contractors prevent skylight leaks by pinpointing and correcting issue places throughout set up and with regular inspections during the yr.  Armed with awareness and encounter,  they are addressing these problems before set up, which will be certain leak-free skylights for quite a few several years to occur.

The Principal Lead to Of Skylight Leaks

Bad installation is the selection one result in of skylight leaks. Skylight installation is a sophisticated process with a big range of issues that can manifest. While modern skylights have some parts pre-put in (flashing for instance) building items fairly simpler, installation must be precise, even the smallest problems can trigger leaks.

The complexity of skylight set up warrants qualified interest. Nearly anything considerably less and you hazard many years of harmful leaks and wasted money.

Skylight Routine maintenance Following Set up

Skylights aren’t a “set it & forget it” point. Like the rest of your roof, normal inspections and upkeep is critical to obtaining challenge-cost-free skylights. As soon as your skylights are in, you’ll will need to retain an eye on them and have them inspected with the relaxation of your roof.

You want to keep your skylights absolutely free of debris, together with ice, snow, leaves, sticks and other issues that can hamper the drainage all around the skylight.

Very clear any debris that may well develop up on the roof as they bring about leaks not only by way of the skylight but as a result of siding, free shingles, and other parts of the roof. Preserve your gutters thoroughly clean for maximum performance.

Air flow

If you discover condensation on your skylight, it may well not be the skylight leaking, you could simply have an improperly vented room in the house. Condensation from bathrooms or sunlight rooms can be controlled by applying dehumidifiers in these rooms or by having suitable ventilation mounted. Guarantee all rooms, particularly people inclined to hefty condensation functions this kind of as loos and kitchens are adequately ventilated.

If you suspect your may well have a leaking skylight or if you’re completely ready for new skylights to brighten your house, in the Metro Atlanta area  call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today at 770-419-2222. You can have leak-cost-free skylights!


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