Commercial Garage Door Motors

If you currently own a commercial garage door, it’s necessary to install a garage door motor. Besides, everyone wants to operate the garage door automatically.

For this reason, we will guide you through all about garage door motors to help you choose the best type for your commercial door. 

Types of Garage Door Motors

A garage door motor is an electric device responsible for opening and closing the garage door with the use of remote control or a wall switch. 

Using the remote control, you can access the garage door motor as long as you’re within the required distance. Hence, an opener motor is a convenient device that allows you to access your garage door anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the opener motor comes in different types. These types vary according to their functionality and efficiency. These are the following:

Chain-Drive Opener 

A chain-drive opener motor has some of the noisiest operations. However, it is widely popular since it’s commonly used for both residential and commercial use. 

It operates via a chain that is attached to a trolley. This trolley is connected to the motor that allows for the movement of the garage door. 

Belt-Drive Opener 

A belt-drive opener operates the same way as the chain-drive but only uses a belt. It is more expensive and has a quieter operation. 

Jackshaft Opener 

This type of opener uses a powerful motor that works together with the torsion spring. It is mounted on a wall and has the quietest motor out of all the types. 

Thus, a jackshaft opener is an ideal choice for homeowners and business owners alike. 

Screw-drive Opener

This type of opener uses a threaded steel rod that functions similarly to belt and chain-drive models. 

However, it operates the loudest and can be susceptible to temperature changes. 

The Importance of Horsepower of a Garage Door Motor

Since an opener is a motorized vehicle, it uses horsepower responsible for the up and down motion of the garage door. It also uses either an Alternate Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). 

The horsepower (HP) for a garage door opener depends on the size and weight of your commercial garage door. In most openers, a horsepower rating ranges from 1/3 to 1.5, depending on the model. 

If you own a mini-warehouse garage door, use a 1/3 HP. However, a higher one is also recommended to avoid straining the opener. 

For slightly larger mini-warehouses where you can store two vehicles at most, ½ HP is usually preferred to provide sufficient power to the garage door’s operation. 

On the other hand, the best horsepower to use for large warehouses is above ¾. 

Therefore, it’s best to consult the best horsepower for your opener with a professional garage door repair in Ajax

Garage Door Motor Features

Despite the automation that comes with a garage door motor, it also provides security and safety. Moreover, these are some of the features that make the opener motor convenient:

Remote & Wall Switch: Using a remote, you can access the garage door opener even if you’re several distances away. 

You can also access your garage door using a wall switch that can be installed inside your building. 

Manual Release: This is a safety feature mainly used during a power outage or you want to operate the garage door manually. 

A red cord is installed at the ceiling of your garage door so that you can access it during emergencies. 

Motion Sensors: Due to the sensors, the garage door won’t close if there’s an obstruction along the door’s way. 

Hence, it makes it a safety measure to ensure the business operation is going well and your employees are safe. 

Is the Garage Door Motor for You?

If you want to automate your garage door while keeping your employees safe and your business operation going, then a garage door motor is for you. 

With a garage door motor, you don’t have to manually operate your door, which can be a hassle for the employees. 

Simply click the wall switch or remote control to open or close your garage door. 

Hence, call an Ottawa garage door repair to install a garage door motor for your building.