LUBBOCK, Texas – Loos across parks in Lubbock have not been touched given that October, leaving uncomfortable situations all over the cold time.

No rest room doors in the stalls, filthy bathrooms and an unusable mirror–all widespread attributes across park loos.

“It is significant to bear in mind we have 35 bogs, and most of people have been constructed back in the 1960s, some the 1950s. Parks and Recreation is certainly knowledgeable of the have to have for renovation,” claimed Meegan Honeyman, Community Information Specialist for the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation.

Although the loos have not been in use since Oct, Honeyman claims there’s a rationale for this.

“We winterize all of our 35 Parks bogs Oct 30 each individual 12 months, and that is to reduce any freezing or pipe damage or vandalism since there’s less frequency of readers in the parks. So, when we reopen them, it is the 7 days after spring split.”

The bathrooms have been all around because the 50s and they are now a portion of a master system that Parks and Recreation have produced to strengthen parks across Lubbock.

“It’s going to be a 20-yearlong approach exactly where we do all of the renovations, we incorporate matters, we may possibly subtract points that we never have to have any more, but we actually do figure out that our bogs will need to have a refurbishment, and so which is provided in the master prepare,” claimed Honeyman.

Parks and Recreation just asked the general public to be patient as spring cleaning arrives around.

“We recognize that our people are providing us some grace ideal now while we get everything cleaned up and prepared for the summer season. We have so a lot of interesting items that are going on,” reported Honeyman.


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