Having pests in your home is nothing less than a nightmare, as you constantly worry about the condition of your place. Pests can destroy one’s house in mere weeks if you don’t pay attention to them. Pests like termites and other damaging insects will ruin all your favorite furniture as well as the base of your home. There are many advanced pest control services like End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane available especially for such critical cases. But not many families can afford the cost of such services, which is why it gets important to seek other ways to prevent such damaging issues.

Planting carnivorous plants can be one of the best replacement solutions for doing pest control at home. There are many carnivorous plants available in nature to choose from. You can bring home pa plant depending on the pest problem you are facing and relax knowing they will take care of it. Make your selection from these different carnivorous plants for different pest issues:

Venus Flytraps

As the name is probably suggesting, this plant will aid in catching flies in your home. If your home has become a hub for flies or if they are laying eggs all-around your house then this plant will get rid of those nuisances easily. You’ll also get the option to choose from Venus Flytraps but all of them are good for catching flies. The flower uses a drop of nectar as bait for its prey.  When the fly sits on the plant or even merely touches its trigger hair, it gets trapped instantly and lives a slow death in the plant’s mouth. These trigger hairs are 6 in number and each side has 3 hairs that work on a schedule to avoid false alarms.

Trumpet Pitcher

This carnivorous plant is a sun-loving kind that also survives on flying insects. The prime time for these flowers is the summer as it is the high time for their leaves to bloom and spread to catch the prey. The nectar placed at the entrance of the pitcher attracts the wasps and other flying insects. When the insect starts to collect the nectar from the plant, they slip on the slippery surface and falls inside the bottom of the pitcher where death awaits them. In the pitcher, there is a certain type of liquid that helps dissolve the body in order to feed the plant. This plant is available in different sizes and forms; there is also a hybrid Trumpet Pitcher available in the market that can catch more insects at once.

The Cobra Lily

The Cobra Lily can be grown inside and outside. It does not like direct sunlight and high temperatures. What it does like is snacking on flying bugs. Insects trapped in the hood of the Cobra Lily are like people lost in a house of mirrors. The light that’s in the hood confuses the fly, wasp, or whatever insect is trapped in it. There is only one direction in which it can move, and it is down. The Cobra Lily also uses nectar to bait its prey inside

This plant can be grown inside as well as outside, but because this plant doesn’t prefer high temperature or direct sunlight, we suggest you plant this in a shaded place. This plant is like a mirror house. Once the insect is trapped in the hood, it will become impossible for them to get out. The hood has a light that confuses its prey to leave trapped there forever. The only open opening for them to move is downwards, where the prey will get digested and eaten.

The Sundews

This plant in itself has more than 150 different species, so there are plenty of options to select from. Not only that, these plants are comprehensive of both weather conditions, tropical and near-polar temperature. The Sundews does not need much care as they are capable to withstand its surrounding condition. So, if you don’t want to spend that much time, or if you are simply forgetful, then this plant will be a great selection.

Apart from the above plants, there are other types of carnivorous plants also. Therefore, make sure to get a thorough knowledge about those before getting one.