Q: Our vintage 1926 lavatory flooring is demonstrating its age and some discoloration. I are not able to find the money for a full toilet renovation. Can tile be used on leading of the previous flooring? Can the tile be painted?

A: Of course, tile can at times be applied more than previous tile, and tiled flooring can be painted. But in advance of you choose for either of individuals, you may possibly want to check out repairing the flooring.

From the photographs you despatched, the floor seems to be in excellent form, besides for a number of rust spots. If that’s the case, why not attempt to clear away the rust? Many rust removers are acidic, and their labels warn that they may well etch tile, so test an alkaline rust remover, such as ConfiAd Rust Remover Gel. Recommendations say to dampen the surface and use the remover with a spatula or spoon. The gel alterations coloration as it reacts with the rust. In 10 minutes, wipe it away and rinse.

A reader’s vintage lavatory ground tile has rust stains. The easiest programs of action are to try to cleanse off the stains or, if that doesn’t function, change the marred tiles. (Reader picture by using The Washington Article)

John Forguson, typical supervisor of My Stone Care, explained getting rid of extended-time period rust typically calls for various purposes. “Put it on, and you are going to get the chemical response,” he reported. “But there’s still far more inside.” Each successive application will arrive at rust that’s further in the tile.

If you just cannot get rid of all the rust, or if the rusty tiles are cracked, you may possibly be equipped to exchange just individuals parts. Retro-design hexagonal tiles are quite well-liked, so you may well be in a position to uncover an precise or shut match. Get replacements in advance of you take out the aged items.

On a ground with modest hexagonal tiles, a rotary instrument equipped with a 1/16-inch little bit will work well. Dremel is the greatest-identified manufacturer for these equipment, which are commonly offered with a range of attachments. Dremel’s Grout Elimination Package, which incorporates a bit and an attachment that allows keep the tool at the most effective reducing angle, is about $30.

As soon as the grout is out, pry up the outdated tile and coat the back of the alternative piece with tile adhesive. You will want only a very little, so you may possibly want to invest in a squeeze tube, these as the Pink Devil Tile Paste Adhesive. Push the piece into area. If the adhesive pools up in the gaps around the tile, thoroughly clean them out with a toothpick or other slender resource, so there’s room for grout. When the adhesive is dry, fill the edges all around the tile with grout. Use unsanded grout, assuming the grout strains are a lot less than 1/8 inch vast. You will need only a little, so think about obtaining it in a squeeze tube also. Purple Devil’s Pre-Blended Tile Grout comes in a 5.5-ounce tube.

If you want a various search for your bathroom, you can think about portray the floor or adding new tile on top of the outdated. Painting is clearly the less difficult possibility, but the paint will address both of those the tiles and the grout strains even though you will get a clean, uniform look, it won’t have the shade distinction of tile surrounded by grout. You also would drop the classic seem, and you’d be cleansing and inevitably scratching paint, which does not have the hardier complete of glazed ceramic tile.

Incorporating a new layer of tile receives around those people troubles: You would even now see the grout, and the floor would carry out as if it were being set up from scratch. But there are a couple of caveats. Initial, incorporating tile on major of outdated tile is only a good idea if the ground is rigid and the added fat is not an issue. If the underlying flooring is concrete, you should really be Ok. But if you have a wood-framed floor with some bounce to it, be careful. The new tiles may possibly pop unfastened.

Also be knowledgeable that except if you shell out interest to aspects, you will have a floor that appears to be like a rapid deal with, not a top quality career. The new layer will improve the peak of the ground. You will probably need to have to trim the bottom of the doorway, so it swings freely. Doorway trim and baseboards glimpse odd until the bottom edges overlay the flooring. If there is just one area in a home wherever persons have time to stare at these specifics, it’s the bathroom. So even however it is additional work, you will in all probability want to slice a little off the bottom edge of the door trim and eliminate and reinstall the baseboards. If you have a designed-in vanity, the greater flooring will slash down on the kick place except if you get rid of the cupboard, put in the tile and reinstall the cabinet. You will surely need to eliminate and reinstall the bathroom or upgrade to a new just one.

If you continue, you or whomever you retain the services of will need to prep the current tile by scratching up the floor with 80-grit sandpaper to make it considerably less slick, which will support the new tile adhere. And any superior places will need to be floor down. But right after that, the set up need to continue as if you had been receiving a new floor. The most acceptable adhesive and caulk will count on the tiles you pick.