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  • Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or looking to revamp your space, your tile choice can go a long way in informing the look. Bathroom tile trends are a great place to start for inspiration to get the most out of this addition.

    Bathroom tile ideas are incredibly versatile, and most can be used no matter how large or petite your space. Additionally, because of the nature of these rooms, you can apply these trends across walls, floors, splashbacks… in fact, just about any surface you desire.

    ‘With tile trends constantly changing within the home, we have seen a big increased for unusual textures and patterns designed to make bold feature walls and floors in bathroom ideas,’ notes Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager, CTD Tiles.

    Tiles are a wonderful place to add colour, pattern and interest to a room. Plus, you can create impact with a few, or by covering large swathes of a space. While you don’t want to be redoing your space to align with bathroom tile trends every year, if you change your style over the years, replacing tiles is less expensive than completely renovating the room. This makes tiles one of the easier and more affordable ways to update a bathroom.

    Bathroom tile trends 2022

    This year, we’re seeing that bathroom tile trends have been influenced by recent history. ‘Following a year of unrest and uncertainty, 2021 saw us start to gain back our confidence and positivity, in everyday life and in our homes,’ notes Oliver Webb, Director, Cullifords.

    ‘This shift towards a more optimistic mindset has started to be echoed in our design choices. Brave, individual style statements are being made and a desire for warm tones and comforting shapes is prevailing.’

    1. Chic checkerboard

    Bathroom with white and burgundy chequerboard floor and white bath and sink

    Image credit: BC Designs

    ‘Checkerboard  floor is a great way of adding pattern and colour to a bathroom without it becoming too complicated or over the top,’ notes Barrie Cutchie, Design Director, BC Designs. ‘The overall look will be dependant more on the colours chosen than anything else, as it doesn’t have to be traditional white and black. Instead, use contrasting or similar shades to soften and warm the space.’

    ‘This floor style is also a great feature of transitional bathrooms, where contemporary and traditional styles are blended together,’ adds Barrie. ‘Checkerboard floor has a long history, but used with modern colour palettes, it is a great way of bringing the two periods together. They are versatile and can work in most spaces, from traditional to modern bathroom ideas. They work just as well in cloakrooms as they do in larger bathrooms. In smaller spaces, it is best to work with smaller tiles so you can see much more of the pattern than you can in a larger bathroom.’

    2. Green theme

    Green tiled bathroom with round mirror and wooden furniture

    Image credit: Tile Giant

    ‘Green works wonderfully in the bathroom, offering a calm and restorative atmosphere to relax in,’ notes Kamila Swiatecka, marketing and brand manager, Tile Giant. ‘To tap into the biophillic oasis trend, pair green tiles with crisp white and natural wood details to create a room that’s as relaxing as it is elegant. Mint green is an ideal shade as it has a fresh, vibrant feel that will open up your space.’

    For a more dramatic take on the green bathroom tile trends, look at statement glossy options. ‘With more of us opting for statement looks in our bathrooms, green glossy tiles are an easy choice to create the ultimate WOW factor!,’ says Antonia Clayson, Design Expert, Victorian Plumbing. ‘Green bathroom ideas are ideal. The colour compliments white ceramics and coordinates perfectly with neutral colours and textures to remind us of the great outdoors.’

    3. Shapely hexagons

    Bathroom with grey hexagonal tiles on wall

    Image credit: Verona Group

    ‘With their edgy shape and versatile small format, hexagonal tiles have risen quickly in the style stakes,’ notes Jayne Adamson, marketing manager, Verona. ‘This stylish shape brings a trend-led look to bathrooms and comes in an array of different colours. Style the tile on its own or combine with a classic metro tile. Deeper, richer shades work wonderfully in bijou bathrooms. If beige is your go-to, pair ash-like hexagon tiles with pale wood furniture or go blue and pair with copper fittings for a fresh take on a classic style.’

    ‘Their unique shape is what makes them remarkable, as they give you the freedom to create an eye-catching and unforgettable display,’ adds Antonia from Victorian Plumbing. ‘With quirky designs available and an easy-clean finish, hexagon tiles are an easy decision if you are wanting to inject fun and practicality to your bathroom.’

    4. Think pink

    Pink tiled wall in bathroom behind white basin and round mirror

    Image credit: Victorian Plumbing

    ‘Although pink tiles are normally associated with girly or feminine aesthetics, they are great at modernising your home and creating stylish and unforgettable spaces,’ says Antonia from Victorian Plumbing. ‘Pastel pinks add a touch of warmth and character, it establishes a space that visitors will notice and appreciate. Pink bathroom tile trends also coordinate well with many other colours. This is perfect if you are wanting to include greenery or bold accessories.’

    Consider colour pairings with pink when deciding on your bathroom renovation ideas. ‘Team pink tiles with darker accessories for an industrial feel. Or opt for white features for a summery, pastel style scheme.’

    5. Half tiled walls

    Bathroom with walls half covered in white tiles and half in botanical wallpaper

    Image credit: Tile Giant

    ‘Half tiled rooms are incredibly popular at the moment,’ says Kamila from Tile Giant. ‘So why not bring this trend to the bathroom with tiles on the bottom half and paint on the upper half of your walls?  If opting for paint or bathroom wallpaper ideas in the top section, ensure it’s suitable for wet environments.’

    ‘A solid tile colour is really effective especially when tiled in an interesting format, like chevron or herringbone. Or opt for a decorative patterned tile and choose a paint colour that matches an accent colour within the tile.’

    This is also a great way to step your toe in if you’re just learning how to tile a bathroom wall.

    6. Natural stone

    Bathroom with grey stone tiled floor and shower wall

    Image credit: Lundhs

    ‘More than ever before, the bathroom has become an important place of sanctuary and relaxation in the home, and this is reflected in the design choices that are being made,’ says Hege Lundh, Marketing & Business Development Director, Lundhs. ‘We are noticing a shift towards more tactile and smoother textures.’

    ‘Bathrooms have become places where we embrace nature in the form of raw, organic surfaces and products. This increased use of natural materials is reflecting the attention that is progressively being paid to the environment. Our buying habits are continuing to become more eco-conscious and this shows no sign of waning.’

    7. Trendy terrazzo

    Bathroom with grey terrazzo tiles walls and white sanitaryware

    Image credit: Victorian Plumbing

    ‘Updated and modernised versions of retro materials are making a comeback thanks to their authentic and distinctive style,’ points out Antonia from Victorian Plumbing. ‘While terrazzo was originally designed as simple and affordable flooring it has progressed to an on-trend necessity in modern bathroom designs.’

    ‘With many colour schemes to choose from, terrazzo tiles are easily coordinated with taps, towel rails, and shower tile ideas for clean and effective results.’

    8. Vacation vibes

    Bathroom with patterned tiled floor, green tiled walls and pink bath

    Image credit: Ca’ Pietra

    Holidays may have been off the menu for a while, which is why, more than ever before, we want that feeling in our home.

    ‘Eclectic and bespoke designs have been hugely popular, allowing people to bring a fun continental feel to any space and we see this trend continuing in 2022,’ notes Grazzie Wilson, Creative Lead, Ca’ Pietra.

    Are subway tiles still popular in 2022?

    Subway, or metro, tiles, have been popular for several years now – and for good reason. ‘Metro tiles bring a sophisticated feel to your kitchen thanks to their clean cut rectangular shape,’ says Antonia from Victorian Plumbing.

    Unsurprisingly, metro tiles are absolutely remaining as one of the bathroom tile trends for 2022. This year’s adaptation of the classic is by pairing the simple tiles with bold paints and wallpapers, or clashing with another tile shape.

    What is trending in bathrooms for 2022?

    As well as the top bathroom tile trends we’ve discussed, there are a few other, smaller trends we’re seeing for this year.

    The Art Deco look is having a revival. ‘1920’s glamour is still as popular today as it was back then,’ says Kamila from Tile Giant. ‘Channel this look by mixing marble-effect tiles with metallic accents of gold and copper across taps, ornaments or lighting. Finish the look off with rich velvet fabrics and statement plants.’

    The 1920s also influence another trend for this year. ‘Fish scale and scallop tiles are an exemplary choice for anyone looking to heighten the style of a bathroom,’ notes Antonia from Victorian Plumbing. ‘Influenced by Art Deco design, these mermaid tiles a stunning choice for creating atmospheric spaces. Plus, scallop tiles also boast a glazed gloss finish which not only makes them super attractive but easy to keep clean too!’

    Rippled tiles are another trend peeking through for the year ahead. ‘They bring a designer, rustic feel to any space thanks to their glossy, textured finish,’ says Antonia. Create a focal point with a selection of rippled tiles in complementary colours to ooze extra personality.’

    Coloured grout is also having a moment, so learn how to grout tiles so you have fun with some DIY.


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