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In this episode of “Ask Danny,” Tracey Amadio provides her suggestions and tips for portray.

In Episode 3 of “Ask Danny,” painting professional Tracey Amadio shares her tips and tips for getting the great paint career. 

Tracey Amadio of Porch Daydreamer
Tracey Amadio, a.k.a. the “Queen of Painting Everything” is passionate about painting! (Courtesy Tracey Amadio)

About Tracey Amadio

Tracey Amadio is passionate about painting. She takes advantage of experience from her residence improvement vocation to instruct Do-it-yourself tasks, house style and design, and portray approaches on her web-site Porchdaydreamer.com.

Tracey’s fans have crowned her the “The Queen of Portray Everything” due to the fact there is almost nothing she won’t paint!

Her superpower of coloration memory and lengthy heritage of color trend evaluation is merged to obtain the ideal paint hues for you.

Her mission is to take the ache out of painting and decorating with her straightforward-to-realize tutorials.

Tracey was named a 2021 Improved Properties & Gardens Stylemaker and her function has been featured in HGTV, Improved Properties & Gardens, Excellent Housekeeping, State Dwelling, Apartment Treatment and much more.

Open paint cans of white, blue and green on a wood background
Coloration pigments, additives, resins and carriers establish the value of paint. (annastories)

Paint Selling prices

Why is some paint considerably additional highly-priced than other makes and kinds?

Tracey: Value matters… to a place.

Numerous homeowners only aim on the paint coloration and do not think about what’s combined in with the shade pigments. Resins, additives and carriers — like water and oil — are vital components that will make paint far more expensive. 

Better-quality pigments and resins will make the charge go up, but you are going to have much better coverage. The center price tag level is the finest selection to decide on. 

Keep in mind: Quality perception is dictated by the man or woman who’s using the paint. A specialist could want a thinner paint mainly because they’ll be making use of a sprayer, but a property owner ordinarily wants a thicker paint simply because they’ll be covering a wall with an additional color or painting a piece of furniture. 

Shelling out a tiny further on that much better paint is heading to give you an a lot easier application and less brush strokes. Also, the paint will dry to a superior, far more tough finish.

Hands holding up a sample of paint color swatches against a wall of paint swatches
Choosing a paint colour can be overwhelming. Come across an object to start out your shade palette and perform from there. (Feverpitched, Getty Images)

Selecting a Shade

Can you provide some assistance on how to pick out a paint coloration?

Tracey: When buying a paint shade, start off with the shade you want to foundation your palette all over. It could be a piece of cloth, a rug, a plate, just about anything that allows you hone onto the color you want.

Consider it to the keep with you to pick out the ideal paint. Also base it on the volume of gentle in the room, if it a darker as well pick a  lighter paint color and sop forth.

I have a free information you can obtain. 6 simple ways to buying a paint shade.

Also, take into account the lights in the area you are portray. If you have a dark room, lighter paint, if you have a light-weight room, you can go with a darker paint coloration, a mid-benefit paint is going to be finest for most individuals.  

After you have an strategy of what color you want, acquire a foam board and paint it with samples so you can shift it all around the area to see if it will perform for you. 

Acquire your time selecting just before you choose a shade. See how the colour samples appear at unique times of the day. 

Hand painting wall trim with a paintbrush
A satin or semi-gloss sheen is finest for trim and molding. (JodiJacobson, Getty Visuals Signature)

Picking Sheen

What are the diverse types of sheen, and how really should you decide on just one? 

Tracey: I used to get the job done at a paint desk, and I would frequently see the “deer in headlights” glimpse when I requested what sheen a particular person required. 

Sheen matters! It’s in fact additional significant than coloration. 

There are 5 forms of sheen: flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and significant-gloss. To decide what sheen you require, consider the place or project you’re painting.

If you’re portray a ceiling, you want a small-reflective paint to hide any imperfections, particularly exactly where the joints match up. A flat sheen is greatest for this. 

For partitions, you want a larger sheen, like eggshell. Cooking splatters and accidental spills materialize, so you need a complete that is washer-friendly. 

When you scrub a flat paint, it burnishes it and will make it shiny. Flat paint is terrific for touchups but not for higher-site visitors locations in which you need scrutability and longevity.

The greater the sheen, the more challenging the paint will be when it dries. I generally proposed satin, at least, or semi-gloss for trim and molding. These sheens are even now wipable but they’re much more tough, so they’ll stand up to scuffing and jarring. 

I really don’t suggest a superior-gloss paint. The much more reflective a paint is, the more flaws it’s likely to present. It is also really hard to apply, so I would leave that to a professional.

Paint brush swiping deep blue paint over faded blue paint on a wood wall
Exterior and inside paint just cannot be interchanged. Always paint the outdoors of your household with a paint rated for outside use. (Susie Hedberg, Getty Pictures)

Exterior Portray

What temperature is best for painting a home’s exterior?

Tracey: Most of the time, exterior paint simply cannot be applied in temperatures beneath 55-50 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to paint exterior when there’s small humidity and the temperature is average — amongst 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Paint has a lot of h2o in it, so the more drinking water in the air, the for a longer period time it will just take the paint to dry. Let yourself three sunny times, if feasible, for the paint to dry.

When painting your home’s exterior, only use paint that’s rated for exterior use. Since exterior paint has to offer with temperature changes the moment it’s dry, it’s fortified with specific resins and pigments for distinctive durability. It can extend and deal to a degree that inside paint can not.

The greatest paint for exterior use is acrylic latex. I steer obvious of oil paints for the exterior. Oil paint isn’t quick to clean, and if you are making use of a white oil paint, it will yellow above time since of the oil in it. 

Now, there is oil-enriched enamel paint that is water-centered, so it’s quick to clear with cleaning soap and drinking water like acrylic latex. This paint has oil molecules suspended in just it, and as it dries, these molecules activate to act like oil paint. The finish final result is a floor that is tricky and long lasting with all the gains and adaptability of latex paint. 

Black and green plastic outdoor furniture around a fire pit
Refresh plastic out of doors home furnishings with a new coat of paint. (Jonathan Cooper/Pexels)

Painting Plastic

How do you paint plastic outdoor furniture?

Tracey: I get a dual method to portray plastic home furniture. Utilize a bonding primer spray initially, then go over it with a frequent spraypaint. 

Paint droplets on a beige carpet
(travellinglight, Getty Photos)

Even Experts Make Blunders

Tracey: Even even though I’m a paint pro, I often go on the net to see what other men and women in the portray globe are carrying out. 

About a calendar year back, I made the decision to paint my stair risers, which ended up stained and intensely polyurethaned. 

A single blogger recommended liquid sandpaper, and I assumed that could preserve me a step. I taped off the risers, used the liquid sandpaper and then painted on top of that.

When the paint was nevertheless damp, I pulled the tape off at a 90-degree angle. A whole piece of film peeled proper off the stair riser, and the overall job was ruined! 

I figured out a tricky lesson: Belief my gut and go with what works. Use a deglosser, then use a bonding primer, then implement the paint.

My paint has stayed set and is vacuum-cleaner evidence as effectively!

Power sander sanding a wood board
Sand away any imperfections just before painting wood. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

Tracey’s Tips

  • By no means disregard suitable surface area preparation. If you do, the paint will occur off. Get the area wonderful and clear and sand any failing places.
  • Use stain-blocking bonding primer if painting more than a stain. If you really do not, the stain will rise up to the area and develop coloration inconsistencies.
  • Fork out attention to the re-coat time. A ton of persons assume dry time and recoat time are the very same. Normally, recoat time is for a longer period than dry time. If you really don’t wait around the good quantity of time proposed by the company, the paint will stick to alone and hardly ever absolutely dry. You finish up with really tacky, sticky paint which is nearly impossible to repair.  

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