Article writing can be learned, but many who are able to write articles effectively have no idea of how to use article marketing to promote their home business and in so doing, make money.

Writing articles is a skill – that cannot be denied – but it is possible to learn the skill. A reasonable understanding of grammar will be essential, but not spelling due to the quality of modern spell checkers. It is not these that are the problem, as much as knowledge of how to write the content in such a way as to be of use to the reader.

Therefore, let’s consider the reader and what they are seeking when they find your article.

1. Information

People use the internet for information, to chat or to buy something, and by far the most extensive of these is information. Most people using Google do so to find information. It might be pricing information, it might be information of a technical nature or even what times the trains are running, but the main point is that people are looking for information, and you can provide that by writing articles on the topic.

Perhaps you own a website that serves those interested in the niche, or you might write an article oferig a link to an affiliate product offering you a good commission for each sale. In the latter you can make money without having a product or even a website, and in the former you have a means of collecting names and email addresses that you can use to keep in touch with people that have expressed an interest in your niche.

2. There is No 2

That’s right – there is no 2 that concerns you. People are looking for information, and you can give them what they want by providing a good website, advertised using article marketing, or by means of a good article rich in the type of information will make any interested visitor believe you to be an expert in the niche, and to whom they are prepared to provide their contact details. That’s right – their subject. It’s theirs, not yours, and you are writing articles on their niche to offer them information on it.

There is more to article writing than simply dashing out a few paragraphs: it involves a degree of keyword research, should stress the benefits to the reader of what you have to say, and generally provide useful and interesting information.

How to Write Articles

There has to be a benefit for the reader, or there will be no incentive to read it. The title of your article must stress that benefit: the first part of your listing that is noticed, and the part that will be at the top of the listings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK or any other search engine results page. many people are confused by this,but if your article is accepted by an article directory, then it will published on a web page that is the same as any other, in that it can be spidered by search engines and listed on their page relating to the keywords being used by the person carrying out the search.

The title will be the heading for the listing, and your summary, or the first few words of the article, the summary that appears below the title in the listing. People using the search engine to find information will be exposed to your article link, and whether they click on it or not could be determined by how your title is worded.

You should use the main keyword early on (main here is ‘article writing’, and other keywords used in the rest – in my title I have managed to include: article writing, how to promote your home business, home business, make money, article marketing, money from article marketing

You expand on the theme of the title in the introductory paragraph, including the main keyword within the first 100 characters, and then write the article itself. Use keywords sparingly (once each 300 words), and use vocabulary that explains and defines the main keyword. Use a sparse sprinkling of the other keywords used in the title.

If you use keywords too much, your articles are liable to be dropped from the listings because Google’s main objective is to offer its customers with as accurate and relevant information as possible on the keyword they are using for their search. If you satisfy Google’s needs they will reward you.

Most reward is in the form of high search engine listings for your keyword and lots of visitors. This can be transferred into cash fairly easily if you know how to best monetize your website. You could be selling affiliate products, offering a service or simply providing Google adverts for them to click on, but it is writing articles that attracts the traffic that clicks on the links to make you money.

As to the way article marketing is actually carried out – well, let’s just refer to that as a different topic, since it would take more than one simple article to teach you article marketing, and the effective use of articles to advertise your website or product. You can write articles to promote a home business, and there is money to be made by using article marketing if you know how.

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