Let me Count The Ways

A candle home business is a rewarding hobby that can earn you a part time or full time income from home. There are many ways to sell candles, online with your own website, selling on eBay, creating your own wholesale gift baskets with your own affiliate program and many more. The attraction of low start up costs and potential for establishing a good income making and selling candles makes this business ideal.

You can started by making your own candles or buying wholesale. Another option is to join an established company as a distributor, (usually MLM) if you are not a creative or crafty type or you don’t have the time to make your own candles.

You purchase a start up kit and stock sample candles and sell at retail. There are many companies in this group but before you join do some research on the opportunity itself. This is show and tell type business model and it may not be for you. Some of the ongoing distributor costs can be high so be careful.

Huge Market

The market for candles is huge, a multi billion dollar a year business and growing some statistics show 70% of households use candles. The candle is a consumable product meaning that it has to be replaced, your job is to establish a customer and repeat the sale. A consumable market is one of the best type of a business to have and selling candles fits like a glove.

Socialize And Profit

A home candle business can be a very social business. Here is where you can have a great impact on the direction that your new candle home business can take. Identifying first who buys candles, men or women? If you said men move to the back of the class. Hands down it is women who make the most valuable customers. So where do you sell to this market. The best way is hosting candle parties, If you love to socialize are outgoing and love to be with other people a candle party is ideal for selling.

That is just one market there are many more. You can make your own candles or you can have your own website. You can join an affiliate program and sell not only candles but candle making kits, candle supplies. You earn a commission as an affiliate with no personal investment on your part at all. Web hosting costs and domain registration fees are low making this business model a very attractive option.

This is just a few of the many advantages a candle home business has. For more ideas see my website where I have a resource that will show you how to be a success selling candles.

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