Renovating or remodeling your home is a big decision affecting the entire family. Whether you live alone or with family, home renovation is necessary as your family grows. So, most people think of home extension as a necessary expense to be incurred when the time comes. Some even prefer moving homes rather than going for extension. While moving is an alternative, it can be equally, and sometimes even more, expensive than remodeling. Most renovations add retail value to your home, increasing its worth in the market. Many builders and contractors offer specialized local services in home extensions. You can ask professional and reputed builders like Brisbane home extensions to assess your property for the changes you want and give you suggestions on the latest trends in design, etc. Extending your home can have many other benefits that you may not get when you think of moving to a new home. 

Advantages of Extending Your Home

Better Utilize Existing Space

Most people usually think of extending when they have extra space that isn’t used. If you notice that there’s a part of your house that is empty or can be utilised more effectively with some changes, consider remodeling the space. Whether it’s an empty garden shed or an unused garage, you can always remodel it into something useful. You can convert these empty unused spaces into a home office or extra storage. With some changes, you can get more use out of an otherwise unused room and consequently add value to your property.

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Increase Your Living Space

As we grow, our family also grows and expands. From a child living with your parents, to living with your spouse, and then starting your own family, we all face many changes in our lives. Similarly, a home also keeps changing and growing as the people living in it grow. But with more family members, you need more space. Even if your children can share a room, sometimes it’s better to give them their own space. Similarly, couples may need their own private bedrooms if you live in a large family. Having more rooms can make things a lot easier for the family.

Personalize Your Home Design

When moving to a new house, you don’t have the option of changing it as per your needs. But when extending your home, you can make changes according to your requirements. When you live in a house for a long period, you’re bound to have some ideas for change. It can be something simple like a new kitchen island or something big like converting an existing garage into a home office. You can add or reduce space according to your needs or change the way a room looks. Home extension is an option that will give you more freedom to do what you want with your home without worrying about anyone’s consent or other issues.

Add Real Estate Value to Your Property

Many people shy away from home extension because they’re not sure how long they will stay there. In a way it makes sense. Why spend money on remodeling when you’re going to leave the place eventually? However, some remodels are done to add value to the property. Even if you are to sell your home and move, you’ll still need it to look good so that it sells well. Renovating the bathroom or adding extra storage or converting a garage into a home office can add more real estate value to your home. These are the features that all buyers would want to see in their homes. So why not make some changes to add more value and get good money when you finally sell the house?

Accommodating More Family Members

When your family increases, the need for rooms also increases. Small children need a separate place to play with their toys or have their friends over. And as they grow older, they need their separate bedrooms. If you have extra or unused space in your home, it makes sense to convert it into a place which you can utilize. Adding extra bedrooms or living rooms can give you more space to relax and spend time with your family. 

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Add a Home Office or Garage

Nowadays, most modern homes are designed to accommodate working from home. But if you live in a home that doesn’t have provision for home office, you might need to renovate. After the recent pandemic, many people opt for the comfort of their homes to handle work. Home office is not a luxury anymore, but a requirement. So, if you don’t already have a home office, you can try converting an extra room, garage or garden shed into a makeshift office. Similarly, if you need a garage for your vehicle’s bit don’t have one, you can easily remodel an outdoor shed into a garage.

Increase Storage Space

You can never have enough storage space. No matter how meticulous you are, you’ll still have extra stuff in your home that you’ll need storage for. So, adding more storage space is never a bad idea for any home. If you have extra and unused space but you don’t require a home office or garage, you can always convert the extra space into extra storage. Even if you don’t need it now, you may have some use of it in the future. And if not, then it will still add more value to your home when you’re looking to sell. 

While home extension is a tough decision, it isn’t anything impossible. You just need to know what you want. Take a look at your home and try to find things you want to change. Now go through these changes and ask yourself how much do you need them. If there’s something you require and you have the budget to do it, then you can go for the remodel. With proper planning and execution, you can easily extend your home without emptying your wallet in the process! 


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