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Having read the title of this article, your first question should be “why increase the intake of sunlight in your room”? Well, the answer is simple but loaded.

You should make the most of daylight as the major light source for so many reasons. Some of these reasons include the fact that it is safe, cost-effective, and a healthier option. These are just a few of the several reasons you should do this.

It is also why people that want to construct a house should engage the services of architects who understand the importance of daylight in the home. These professionals should be able to come up with 3 bedroom house plan designs that allow sufficient intake of sunlight into the rooms.

Also, people that choose to get their design blueprints online should make sure it is good enough in this regard. This is whether or not it is a stock or custom-designed plan. You can see some Modern 3 bedroom house designs to know more about the possibility of ordering these blueprints online.

Considering the importance of allowing sufficient daylight into your space, this article will discuss 5 ways you can do this. The 5 tips shared here will certainly benefit you and so we advise that you follow through to the end.

Tips on How to Increase the Intake of Natural Light in Your Room

Certain things can be done to benefit maximally from natural light in your room. Some of them are just a few adjustments while some require installing certain things and even removing some. Listed and explained below are some of these tips:

Make Good Use of the Curtains and Shades

We strongly advise that you open up your curtains during the day. It is good that you make this a habit immediately the sun comes up. This is because the rays right from this moment are beneficial.

Just so you know, it triggers the release of a chemical that is capable of lifting your mood and making you feel energized. So, do well to open up your curtains and the shades. This is so that you can make the most of what daylight has to offer.

Ensure Proper Placement of Furniture

Even with the curtains and shades wide open, some things are capable of obstructing the intake of daylight in the room. One of such is wrongly placed furniture.

So, you should do some readjustments and make sure nothing stands in the way of your benefiting from sunlight. We advise that you pay particular attention to dark and thick furniture situated close to your window.

Use the Right Shade when Designing Your Space

The choice of colors used especially inside your 3 bedroom house is very important. This is because it is capable of giving it the right or wrong look and feel.

For instance, it might surprise you to know that a light shade (like white) can make a small-sized kitchen look bigger than it is. This is the power of using the right color.

In the same vein, certain shades adversely affect the circulation of sunlight inside your room. These shades do not allow the proper distribution of the rays from the sun. Dark and dull colors mostly fall under this category.

So, we strongly advise that you use a light shade in your room. This will go a long way in helping you benefit from natural light.

Wall Mirrors Can be Very Helpful

The house design plan needs to allow the rooms to benefit from sunlight. However, there are instances when this is far from the case and very little can be done to correct the error.

Well, you can still take control of the situation by using wall mirrors. These mirrors need to be placed in strategic locations to ensure the proper diffusion of the natural light from the sun. Just so you know, the use of wall mirrors is a trick used by interior designers to make a compact space look bigger than it is.

Use the Right Doors

The kind of door you use can deter the intake of natural light in your room. You might want to correct the situation by changing it/them. Window doors will be more effective at ensuring that your room gets more sunlight than solid ones.

On a Final Note

We have gone over 5 ways you can ensure your room gets a rich supply of sunlight in this article. We advise that you implement these tips wherever necessary to make the most of daylight in your room.