7 reasons to love Virginia Beach

If you are planning a move to Virginia Beach, you have probably gone through all of the possible places you would possibly like to move and settled on Virginia Beach for one reason or another. Perhaps you have family in the area, or maybe you got a job nearby.

Whatever your main reason for moving to Virginia Beach, there are many reasons you will love moving there and continue to love living there. Here are the main reasons you will love moving to Virginia Beach:

The Beach

This may seem obvious given the name of the city, but people love moving to Virginia Beach so they can experience being close to the beach and heading to the sandy shore whenever they feel like it. The beach also features a boardwalk, restaurants, bars, and a walking and biking lane. If you love living near the beach, a move to Virginia Beach will satisfy the craving for sea air.

The Weather

While some beach towns have year round hot, humid weather that can be overwhelming for some, people love moving to Virginia Beach for the moderate weather. While Virginia Beach does have four distinct seasons, the summers are pleasant and not sweltering, and the winters are mild, not frigid. The mild weather makes Virginia Beach a nice place to live year round.

The History

You will also love moving to Virginia Beach to experience its rich history. While the city was not officially founded until 1887, English settlers arrived there in 1607, which was significantly before the landing at Plymouth Rock. Virginia Beach also features the historic Cape Henry Lighthouse, and you can learn more about some aspects of the area’s history at the Surf and Rescue Museum.

Outdoor Recreation

You will absolutely love moving to Virginia Beach if you love to spend time outdoors. The beach offers great opportunities for water sports like surfing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. There are also some outstanding fishing spots in the area. Local state parks and trail systems round out the outdoor recreational opportunities in and around Virginia Beach.

The Food

A large part of experiencing a new city is the food scene. If you love trying new restaurants and local favorites, you will need to try all of the delicious dishes that Virginia Beach is known for. Given its proximity to the water, it is no wonder that Virginia Beach is known for its seafood. Be sure to try a Steamer Bag, oysters, and crab cakes in your new city. But you aren’t limited to seafood in Virginia Beach, there are other local spots known for steaks, burgers, Caribbean food, and more.

If you are moving to Virginia Beach in the near future, you are going to absolutely love it for the beach, the weather, the history, the outdoor recreation opportunities, the delicious food, and so much more. On top of all that, there are also great annual festivals, plenty of entertainment, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Check out the apartments for rent in Virginia Beach and be on your way ASAP.   

By Rehan

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